Champaign crews, residents hard at working getting rid of snow

CHAMPAIGN--For many in Champaign, Sunday's routine was scrape, throw, repeat.

"I don't really like it anymore," said 13-year-old Daniel Hettinger. "Now that I'm older and I have to shovel it."

The snowfall that started Saturday night totaled around nine inches in some parts of town, which means a Sidewalk Snow Removal Ordinance will be activated in the city on Monday. But Hettinger, a seventh grade wrestler, spent his Sunday afternoon getting a head start, hauling it away from a friend's front steps, lending a helping hand to a well-deserving neighbor.

"This is my coach's house," said Hettinger. "And he's one of the reasons I'm still wrestling because he's a really good coach. And so we decided we'd come and shovel his driveway."

Others got their creative wheels turning when designing a way to plow through the powder.

"My little ATV here with the snow blade on the front, that's all I have at my disposal," said Champaign resident, Mark Clauson. "I don't have a snow blower or anything right now. So I got to use this to get the job done."

Public works crews and contractors are working around the clock to get their jobs done, using all available equipment to clear primary routes first, then secondary streets. All within the next day.

"I just hope this is the last snow for this winter," said Clauson.

But only time will tell how much more snow is in store before the season ends.
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