Decatur police investigate counterfeiting incident

DECATUR - The Decatur Police Department is seeking the public's assistance in its investigation into a reported counterfeiting incident that occurred at a Walgreen's store last month.

Decatur police say at about 4:18 p.m. on February 16, two suspects entered the Walgreen's store on the 1300 block of North Route 48 in Decatur.  Police say the two suspects attempted to pass fake $100 bills to two different cashiers.  The suspects' fake bills were not accepted by the cashiers, and authorities were notified shortly after.  Police also say this type of counterfeiting has occurred on other occasions, and that businesses are encouraged to be on the lookout for fake money.

Authorities say the first suspect in the above incident was described as a Hispanic male, about 35 to 40 years of age, standing six feet tall with a medium build, with short brown hair and a goatee.  The second suspect is described as a Hispanic female, about 30 to 45 years of age, standing about 5'5" with a medium build, with long black hair.

If you have any information on this incident, you are asked to call Crime Stoppers at (217) 423-TIPS.
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