$35 Monthly Fee For Drips Who Fail To Upgrade

Decatur – Dragging your feet on getting your water meter upgraded?  It could be money down the drain.

The city of Decatur is in the final phase of a $23.2 million dollar meter upgrade.  Two thirds of the 31,399 meters in the city have been upgraded.  It's the remaining third that could face penalties.

Letters are going out to people who have failed to have scheduled an appointment for their meter to be upgraded.  If you get one of those letters you will only have 7 days to schedule an appointment for an upgrade or your water bill will get hit with a $35 a month fee for meter reading services.

Customers who need to set an appointment for the upgrade should call Corix Utilities at 1-855-734-9618.

Upgrades of meters usually take about 45 minutes to an hour to complete. 

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