Get the most from your tax refund this season

DECATUR- To file online or with a tax preparer; which will get you the most accurate refund?

It's that time of the year when you'll either be paying Uncle Sam or getting a few dollars back in the form of tax refunds. But, which method of filing will get you the most accurate and fastest return?

We learned more about online tax services like Turbo Tax, which offer a quick and convenient way to file taxes.  However, those methods could be leaving some gaps in terms of how much money you'll get back this year.

Local tax preparer Kelly Wingard says, "When you're doing it yourself, you're only exposed to your own return, and you may not be aware of some the issues that could save you money." 

Turbo Tax offers a step-by-step filing process that is self-explanatory, and the costs range between $35 and $80.

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