Pothole Problems

DECATUR- Pothole season is upon us and with it come the usual problems.

The city of Decatur since January has already filled seven thousand pot holes and had a few crews out today due to the mild temperatures.

Last year's winter wear and tear accounted for the filling of over 66,000 pot holes.

Navigating these road hazards can be an inconvenience and dangerous for vehicle safety.

WAND asked Brian Mixell, Billingsley shop foreman, for advice on handling the pothole season.

 “We recommend you over inflate your tires,” he said. This will allow for your tires to not take as much of a shock and wear out suspension.

Illinois Tollway (www.illinoistollway.com) also offers the following advice:

  • Slow down and pay close attention to the road ahead. This increases your reaction time and could lower your risk of serious damage.
  • Talk to your auto mechanic. Ask a trusted mechanic to look at your vehicle for uneven wear patterns in your tires. These may indicate misalignment. Also be sure to request a review of your shocks and brakes. Fixing any of these issues may help your vehicle's chances of withstanding a future pothole hit.
  • Avoid driving too close to the side of the road. Potholes are more common in weakened areas, which tend to be either joint points or more heavily traveled portions of the roadway (where tires actually touch).
  • Clean your headlights. Wiping down your headlights on a regular basis is a quick, cheap and easy way to maximize your visibility.
  • Leave plenty of space between your vehicle and the vehicle in front of you in order to increase time to recognize a pothole.
  • Properly inflate your tires. Underinflated tires put you at risk of rim damage and overinflated tires are more susceptible to damage.

Decatur residents who need to report a pothole can fill out a form online https://www.decaturil.gov/contactform/contact.aspx

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