2015 Fourwinds RV Show

 MAROA - RV lovers, it's your season!!  Hundreds of campers traveled to Maroa this weekend for the 2015 Fourwinds RV Show.

"Obviously, February was pretty harsh, so that cabin fever has set in and people are looking to break out," said Peter Koyak, the coordinator of the show.

March is the prime time when More than a thousand people show up to see what  Fourwinds RV has to offer.

"It kind of gives us kind of a rush of purchases, and then gets the season going," said Koyak.

Some of the RV's were classic in style, and some came with modern amenities.  Many RV fans drove quite a distance, like Mark Rosebraugh and his wife, who drove from Danville.

"I guess I'm wanting to have a throwback to my younger days when I was an iron worker and drove around a country on a motorcycle with a tent," said Rosebraugh.

Koyak says it's a feeling shared by many.

"It's kind of an old-school way of life," said Koyak  Everybody in the camp grounds is neighborly, willing to help out, friendly.  It's like going back to a simpler time.  But it's also bonding with you family."

..especially in style and comfort.

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