Evergreen Assisted Living Facility helping residents to combat obesity

DECATUR- Elderly adults can sometimes have trouble keeping excess weight off as they get older, so one assisted living facility in Decatur has taken measures to help combat obesity in seniors.

According to a recent study, obesity within the aging community is showing to be on the rise, and the Online Journal of Issues in Nursing says hormonal changes that occur at 65 years of age can cause the body to accumulate more fat cells, which also makes it harder for seniors to lose weight.

However, Evergreen Assisted Living Center officials say steps are being taken to counter these statistics, with residents taking part in daily exercise classes, as well as eating “heart healthy” menu options.  

The steps that are being taken are pretty popular with some of the facility's residents, including Evergreen's "Exercise Advocate" Mary Gilman.  Gilman says, “Just sitting in a chair watching TV isn't going to do it for you, you've got to get up and get active if you can.”

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