SAIL hosts fair designed to help people with failing vision

DECATUR - Soyland Access to Independent Living hosted a product and service fair for the visually impaired on Tuesday.

Soyland Access to Independent Living's annual Low Vision Fair hosted vendors from across the state, whose products cater to those with visual impairments.  Some of the products and services that were on display included guide dogs and hi-tech “text to speech” machines.  Attendees were able to purchase the products and services during the event, with some being able to be loaned out on the spot.

According to SAIL officials, day-to-day routines for those with visual disabilities can be challenging, and some of the products available at the fair are designed to be user friendly and easily accessible. 

SAIL Visual Services Advocate Rich Adams, who has been blind since birth, said, “I love to help them stay independent, when they first lose their sight they think 'oh my lanta, I'll never be able to do this again,' and I say, 'Well I cant get your sight back for you, but I can help you keep doing a lot.'”
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