Cullerton - Rauner Clash Over Budget

Springfield – The word “compromise” has been kicked around Springfield as the legislature tries to come up with a new budget.  But at this point both Governor Bruce Rauner and Senate President John Cullerton are dug in as to what the final budget will look like.

The Democratic leader of the Senate says Rauner's proposed budget is “unworkable as it is unconscionable.”

Cullerton views Rauner's budget as unfairly hurting working families.  “Who's not hurt in this budget,” Cullerton asked.  “There's the wealthy and corporations.  The only cuts they received were to their tax rates.”

Governor Rauner stuck to his guns Tuesday as he tries to close a $6 billion hole in the states budget without raising taxes.

“You are not getting value for your tax dollars,” Rauner told the Illinois Asphalt Pavement Association.  “It's a mess.  It's a fiasco.  We didn't pass an honest budget last year.

Rauner said this year's budget will be balanced.  The new fiscal year starts July 1, 2015.

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