Thousands in Champaign County left with limited healthcare options

CHAMPAIGN--A switch in the state's Medicaid plan leaves thousands in Champaign County with limited access to healthcare.

Illinois is currently transitioning its medicaid patients to managed care plans, and those who don't select a specific provider during the switch are automatically enrolled in coverage provided by Molina Healthcare.

Molina, however, does not extend to some of the largest medical groups in East Central Illinois, including Carle Foundation Hospital and Christie Clinic, forcing an estimated seven-thousand people in Champaign county to travel to cities like Decatur or Bloomington to see a doctor.

"If it's within the first 90 days of your new plan having started, you have the option to switch," said Jen Tayabji, community organizer at Champaign County Healthcare Consumers. "So that's the easiest when someone is still in the first three months."

Tayabji also says Champaign County Healthcare Consumers is petitioning the state to create more options for those who want to switch after the 90-day grace period.
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