Local agencies unite to fight prescription drug abuse

DECATUR - Fighting a local war on drugs one initiative at a time.

The recent rise in prescription drug abuse has the Decatur area working together to be proactive about ways to curb this recent drug trend.

The community health improvement center, or “C.H.I.C.” clinic, adjusted its controlled substance contract after the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) made changes to prescription narcotic distribution guidelines last year.

“With that change that took place we adjusted our policy even further so that only the physicians here could prescribe schedule two narcotics,” CHIC Medical Director Dr. Dana Ray said.

Local pharmacist, Erica Colee of Colee's Corner Drug's, shared with WAND News some tips on how to spot someone who may have become dependent on prescription drugs.

“It's either coming in early…or they know exactly when it will go through their insurance those are some clues,” Colee said.

Both services are attempting to protect patients and the community.

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