Pool Money Frozen

Mt. Pulaski – Governor Quinn giveth.  Governor Rauner taketh away.

On his way out of office in January Governor Pat Quinn was doling out money to park districts across the state.  Now, Governor Bruce Rauner is freezing those funds in the wake of the state budget crisis.

Mt. Pulaski has been working to carry out a $600,000 renovation of its community swimming pool in East Park.  $300,000 of that money is supposed to come from a state grant.  The main pool and a kiddie pool need extensive work.  The bathhouse needs to be brought up to standards to comply with the Americans With Disabilities Act, ADA.

“The money is crucial.  It's a vital part of our ability to be able to restore the pool and keep it in the community,” Park Commissioner Stuart Erlenbush told state capitol reporter Doug Wolfe.  “We spent hundreds of hours over the past year vying for the grant and we're counting on the money.  We need it.”

The current pool was built in 1984. Building a new pool would have cost Mt. Pulaski $2 - $3 million.

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