Simmons Cancer Institute offering free colorectal detection tests

This month is “Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month,” and the Simmons Cancer Institute is giving away free early detection tests.  

Officials call the disease a "silent killer" and "a widow maker."  But to doctors at the Simmons Cancer Institute, it's just called colorectal cancer.

Marvin Fuller was diagnosed with colon cancer in 2014.  Swelling was found inside his colon after a concerning blood count test.  Fuller says, “We found a tumor in the sectional area of my colon, it was active and it was cancerous.”  Fuller adds, “Well you always have those nervous thoughts. You don't know how big or how small it is, or how much is covered.”

Luckily, he was introduced to Doctor Poola, a Colorectal surgeon. He was optimistic that surgery would save his life.  Poola says, “Three days later he went home and his lip nodes were not involved with the cancer, therefore he does not need chemo and I expect him to have a full recovery.”

According to Dr. Poola, colon cancer is one of the most deadly forms of the disease. It's common and also one of the most preventable; and can be detected in the its early stages, after a quick trip to the bathroom.  Poola says, “You take a bowel movement and you collect it with one of these sticks. Take the stool sample and place it here and close it back. In three days you put it in a bad an mail it the Sangamon County Public Health”

This test checks for microscopic blood in the stool, and other problems in the colon.  The test is being offered free by the cancer institute in order to help prevent long-term health problems.

Marvin Fuller says this free test is one that can save lives,

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