Illinois Supreme Court to hold rare evening session

SPRINGFIELD - Governor Bruce Rauner, along with other state officials and lawmakers, will have the chance to see Illinois Supreme Court Justices in action during a special session Tuesday evening.

Such meetings are very rare, as court officials say the last time an evening session was held in the Illinois Supreme Court building was over 100 years ago.  This session is scheduled to begin at approximately 6:30 p.m.

Rauner and other state officials and lawmakers will have the chance to listen to oral arguments in a case involving an amendment to the Illinois Juvenile Court Act.  Under the act, 18-year-old individuals are able to be tried in juvenile court.

According to Chief Justice Rita Garman, this special session will allow state leaders and lawmakers the chance to observe how the three branches of government interact, as well as to observe the operations of checks and balances in the system.

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