RCC's enrollment could be impacted by tuition increase

DECATUR - Students enrolling for classes at Richland Community College in the 2016 school year will see an eight dollar per credit hour increase in their tuition.  However, Richland officials say this increase could be a good problem to have.

Every five years, RCC's Board of Trustees and college administrators meet to make projections for the institution's financial plans.  During the most recent meeting, school officials decided that a tuition increase was the best option, due to a decrease in the amount of state aid.  

However, RCC Vice President of Finance and Administration Greg Florian says this increase could be a positive sign for Decatur, stating, "The good thing is, people are going back to work.  They have less time to take classes.  You know they are going back to employment, so that's a good thing."

Under this tuition increase, the total cost of a credit hour at Richland will be $124.  Richland officials also say tuition can fluctuate from year to year, depending on enrollment.

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