Good Samaritan Inn merging with Northeast Community Fund

DECATUR - Two community ministries that help Decatur's less fortunate are combining efforts to better serve those in need.

The Good Samaritan Inn will team up with the Northeast Community Fund to help expand food pantry efforts in Decatur.  Both centers will maintain their separate locations, but will merge services that are offered.  Officials expect key programs, such as job skills training and payday loan aid, to flourish under this merger.

According to Good Samaritan Inn Executive Director Rev. Stacey Brohard, a lot of the initial work is going to be "behind the scenes," and that officials from both organizations are going to look at how they can "start combining efforts to reduce the overhead."

Rev. Brohard also tells WAND News that the legal details of the merger are still being worked out.  The merger is expected to be completed by November 2015.

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