Lawmakers consider proposal to sell state vehicles

SPRINGFIELD - Illinois lawmakers are considering a proposal that aims to sell state vehicles that are driven less than 7,000 miles a year.

The proposal, which was passed by an Illinois House committee last week, is now being considered in the full Illinois House.  According to a 2011 audit, it's more cost-effective to reimburse state workers for mileage accrued on their personal vehicles instead of using state vehicles at those mileage levels.

The audit also found that 25 percent of state vehicles were driven under 7,000 miles a year.  Not all vehicles that fit the criteria would be sold, as the proposal exempts emergency and police vehicles.

However, Barb Bonansinga of the Illinois Department of Central Management Services has concerns about the plan.  She says that some of the vehicles that would be sold have special equipment, which would make them difficult to replace with personal vehicles.
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