Rauner: Cities Should Have More Control Of Police - Fire Pensions

Decatur – As the state looks to balance its budget cities around Illinois could lose millions.

Governor Bruce Rauner wants the state to keep a bigger share of income tax dollars.  It's a move that could cost Decatur $1 million to $3 million a year.

Rauner told WAND's Doug Wolfe on Monday cities can offset the losses if a series of his reforms are enacted by the Illinois legislature.  Among those would be giving municipalities more control over negotiating with police and fire unions.  And, giving cities more control over police and fire pensions.

“If local governments can control what gets collectively bargained, who has to join a union or not in the local government, that frees up a significant amount of money as well,” Rauner stated.  “They (police & fire) work for the local taxpayers, the local citizens.  And there should be more control, local control of those pension issues.”

Rauner met with business and government leaders at the Decatur Conference Center & Hotel.

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