UPDATE: Illinois House passes budget proposal

SPRINGFIELD - The Illinois House has approved legislation proposed by House Speaker Michael Madigan to fix a $1.6 billion hole in Illinois' budget.

Under Madigan's proposal, which was introduced on Monday, Governor Bruce Rauner would be allowed to use $1.3 billion from other state-funded programs and projects, including parks and conservation.  The remaining shortfall would be covered by a 2.25 percent budget cut.  A house committee passed the legislation unanimously during a Tuesday morning meeting, and the full Illinois House passed the proposal a few hours later.

State officials say lawmakers are running out of time to find a solution to the budget's shortfall, as money will soon run out for prisons, subsidized childcare programs, and court reporters.  Some Illinois Senate members introduced their own plan to fix the budget earlier this month, but that plan has failed to gain the support it needs to pass.

Madigan's proposal now moves to the Illinois Senate for consideration.  We will update this story with more information as it becomes available.
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