Funding Poor School Districts

Decatur – Faced with huge budget cuts the Decatur School District could be in for a windfall if changes in the school funding formula are approved.  District 61 could expect to see an increase in state aid totaling nearly $8 million.

State Senator Andy Manar, (D) Bunker Hill, continues his work in the Illinois legislature to change that formula which has been in place since the 1990's.  While Decatur would cash in other districts in Macon County may see their funding reduced.

“I give credit to Senator Manar for really working on this but it's a no go as far as I'm concerned,” State Representative Bill Mitchell, (R) Forsyth, told WAND TV state capitol reporter Doug Wolfe.  “Some superintendents have told me, and I want to verify this, that most school districts in Macon County with the exception of Decatur lost money under this bill.”

Mitchell says districts like Clinton, Mt. Zion, Meridian, Monticello and Maroa-Forsyth will all lose money under the Manar legislation.

“Districts like Decatur and other rural districts that have seen a growth in poverty and have seen unfortunate economic conditions would fare well under this bill,” Manar stated.

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