Current Budget Year Hole Could See Fix on Thursday

 A bill that passed in the House of Representatives with Republican and Democratic support Tuesday, now heads to the state Senate.

The legislation passed in the house with overwhelming support Tuesday.

If passed in the senate, it would result in a 2.25% cut across the board for the remainder of this fiscal year.

That will include cuts to things like the state's road fund...Something that caught the eye of the Illinois State Chamber of Commerce.

According to the chamber president and CEO, Todd Maisch, "the Illinois chamber does have concerns about the amount of money being transferred out of the road fund and other related funds, but hopes this signals the beginning of work on a comprehensive capital plan that would provide funding for infrastructure investment."

Another group that would see major cuts includes several million dollars to education in Illinois.

That's not sitting well with the Illinois State Board of Education.

ISBE spokesperson Mary Ferguson said, "we have grave concerns about these cuts and their impact to school districts.  These districts have very little leeway to absorb these cuts and make the necessary fiscal adjustments this late in the fiscal year given the spending pressures they're already under."

ISBE is not the only one concerned about what cuts to education may mean under this $1.6B fix.  

State senator Andy Manar says he is also concerned with cuts to districts at this point in the fiscal year.

"We ought not be cutting schools during the middle of a fiscal year and certainly not under the dire circumstances that many districts face today," said Manar.

The senate is expected to vote on this bill first thing Thursday.   

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