Vietnam Veterans Recognized

Decatur, Illinois -- Vietnam Veterans were honored at the Decatur Conference Center & Hotel for the annual Vietnam Veterans Recognition Day.

The war was still on the minds of many at the event; as young soldiers, now in their later years, look over medals and memorabilia from one of the toughest and proudest moments of their lives.

“This kind of a long overdue reunion and fellowship and brotherhood that we all get together to share memories and welcome each other home” said veteran and committee member George Frank.

Jon Scurlck is one those who also shared memories. His was that of a friend killed in combat. However, he says he is comforted by his fellow soldiers, the nearly 350 who came for recognition day.

”It gives me a real good feeling. There is a special bond between veterans - especially Vietnam vets” said Scurlck.

“A buddy of mine was an in Saigon and happened to run into another guy who was in Saigon. He saw the pin in his hat, went and talked and found out he was in the same unit in Saigon but two units apart.”

Not all memories were good. Many were killed the war -- including 45 from Decatur.

They were honored in a special video paying tribute to their service. Frank said, this entire event started three years ago in a garage and has eventually turned into what is today.

"We can do this – we can order that, and get more people involved,” said Frank.

The event might have brought back some tough old memories, but many people made new ones. They said they formed friendships and bonds that only comes through service.

There were also several special guest speakers at the event. Ron Stevens received a Purple Heart for his service in Vietnam.

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