Decatur officials flushing and testing fire hydrants during April

DECATUR - The Decatur Fire Department and Decatur Water Department will be flushing and flow testing 1200 fire hydrants throughout the city during the month of April.

The tests and flushings are scheduled to happen from 8:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m., Monday through Friday during April.  Officials say this program is necessary to ensure that the city's fire hydrants are ready for service.

During this time, city crews will be checking for deficiencies and recording flows in order to obtain information related to fire suppression.  Officials also say that residents in areas where hydrants are being tested may notice minor and temporary water discoloration during this time.

Decatur Water Department officials say there is no health or safety risks related to the discolored water, but residents should wait until the water is clear before washing laundry, as clothing could be stained.  If your clothing does become stained, you are advised to not use bleach or dry the clothing, as that will set the stain permanently.  Officials say rewashing the wet clothing with a rust-removing compound may remove the stain.
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