Motor vehicle theft task forces closing due to spending freezes

SPRINGFIELD - Authorities say police-run task forces across the state that specialize in preventing and investigating motor vehicle thefts will be shutting down due to spending freezes.

Officials say a budget plan, approved by state lawmakers and signed by Governor Bruce Rauner last week, will allow Rauner to use $6 million in auto-theft task force grant to help close a $1.6 billion hole in Illinois' budget.  The legislation allows Rauner to transfer funds from state programs to close the shortfall, in addition to an across-the-board 2.25 percent budget cut.

Authorities say local departments pulled task force personnel soon after Rauner signed an executive order that froze nonessential spending.  However, Catherine Kelly, a spokesperson for Rauner, says funding for the task forces will resume next fiscal year.
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