911 Tax Could Be Set At 87 Cents

Cisco – A surcharge placed on phone bills for 911 service could be a flat fee if legislation passes the General Assembly.

“It's going to provide some extra money especially for downstate so that we can keep these (911) centers updated and have the latest technology,” Cisco fire chief Ron Weishaar told state capitol reporter Doug Wolfe.

Counties charge different tax rates.  Under legislation to be proposed by a state advisory board the fee for 911 service will be set at 87 cents a month for every county across the state.  Chicago will have its own higher rate.

In Piatt County phone users have been paying $1.95 a month.  The new 87 cent surcharge will apply to all landline and cell phones. 

The legislature could take up the measure in April.

(Pictured: Cisco Fire Department)

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