U Drive. U Text. U Pay.

Springfield- Many people used to text while driving and some still do now that it is illegal in Illinois. Springfield police have a new initiative to combat the issue.

Sgt. Charles Kean said, Springfield officers will start using old strategies along with new ones. This is part of the "U Drive. U Text. U Pay" national effort.

"Last year, which was the first full year of hands free, our officers wrote 618 citations. Up to today's date they've written 113," Sgt. Kean said.

Officers don't check phone records and all they have to see is a driver texting while behind the wheel to pull a driver over.

If drivers violate the law, Springfield police have hidden positions to catch texters breaking the rules.  

"We put unmarked vehicles out and they will call out violations to unmarked cars. We've had officers out on foot- It's a little bit easier to see," Sgt. Kean added.

The beginning of last year, compared to last fall, the numbers of the amount of people texting while driving in Springfield have dropped 30-percent.
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