Clear Lake Village Faces Possible Dissolution

 Clear Lake - It's not a big town.  Only 250 people call it home.  It's located just five miles east of Springfield.

In fact, Clear Lake is so small, the town only has a total of two and half miles worth of roads.

Those are roads that need repairs, and while there's some money that can be used for that, other things can't be fixed and often go without repairs or replacements.

Village president Rich Adams told WAND news that,"the only thing that we get for that is motor fuel tax.  And that's the only thing it can be spent on.  In other words, if we get a light bill or something that's falling behind, we can't take that money."

Adam added that he likes the history and sense of community he finds here.

"The fact is pretty well near everybody around you here grew up here.  People behind you, to the sid of you, this little girl behind me, they grew up here.  That's one reason I hate to see it happen," said Adams.

That's why Adams is hoping voters will help save the town rather than dissolve it in next Tuesday's elections.

"I'd say get out and vote.  And if you get a chance, come to the hall and talk to us, we'd like to have you on our board," said Adams.

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