Macon County CASA honors child abuse victims

DECATUR - Macon County Court Appointed Special Advocates officials held a Child Abuse Prevention month kick-off ceremony in Decatur on Thursday.

The ceremony took place at the Macon County Courthouse at 11:30 a.m.  Officials gathered to light a wreath and plant more than 600 pinwheels, all placed in honor of victims of child abuse.  According to CASA officials, more than 1500 abuse cases were reported in 2014, with more than 600 of them involving children.

Following the ceremony, CASA officials hosted an open house at their office, during which CASA Director Pam Burkhart shared tips on how community members can help decrease the amount of fragile lives caught in these acts of violence.

She said, "You know just divert mom's attention by saying 'wow, he's really trying you today, isn't he?'  Just kinda giving her a second to breathe. Distracting the kid, you know, saying, 'hey that's a really cool hat you have on, buddy!  Do you like the cardinals?'  Just something that will take his attention away from whatever the conflict between them is."

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