Decatur daycare provider pleads guilty to child endangerment

DECATUR - A Decatur-area daycare provider who was under investigation by the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services has agreed to a plea deal that allows her to avoid a prison sentence.

Marianne Mourning, 54, pleaded guilty to child endangerment on Thursday.  Authorities say Mourning was among four individuals who were arrested after 15 children were found locked in a shed at a Decatur home in June 2014.  Authorities also say DCFS officials were investigating the daycare after they received a tip that the owner was allegedly watching more then the limit of children allowed.

Under the plea agreement, Mourning will be sentenced to two years of court supervision, and will have to serve 50 hours of community service.  Additionally, Mourning will no longer be able to provide child care to non-family members.

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