'Biggest Loser' Contestant Helps Sherman School Raise Money for St. John's Children's Hospital

 Sherman - Anywhere you look in the hallways of Sherman Elementary School, you'll see tributes to PE teacher and Biggest Loser contestant, Sonya Jones.

She's the PE coach who can light up a room just by smiling.
On Friday, with the help of Sherman elementary students, and the help of an old friend, Biggest Loser coach Jennifer Widerstrom, Jones helped cap off a major fundraising effort

"She really is the nucleus, the heart of this community.  It means a lot to see you just shine.  I'm covered in whip, but I'm as happy as all can be," said Widerstrom, speaking of Jones.
"That's what it's all about.  Kids helping kids," added Jones.

Sonya Jones' transformation on season 16 of the Biggest Loser inspired many.  It inspired the community of Sherman, and it inspired the students of Sherman Elementary School.  

Now, that inspiration means big dollars for St. John's Children's Hospital.

"We're really excited about the donation of $13,000.  We love that.  Kids helping kids.  And it really is impressive," said St. John's Children's Hospital executive director Allison Paul.

It's a helping hand that started with two coaches looking to change lives.

"You get to a point in your life where you start doing mundane things.  I get up, I come to work, I go for a jog, I try to eat healthy, but the bottom line is if it's not about people, what is there, you know?  Today we had the opportunity to impact the lives of children and there's nothing more important," said Jones.

Widerstrom added that,"they've made an impact on me and the kids that they've raised this money for.  Seeing Sonya having this presence in the community is just the coolest thing."

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