Decatur man marks 14 years of serving the homeless on Easter


DECATUR--While many spent the Easter holiday breaking bread with friends and family, a Decatur man was serving those who don't have a home to gather in.

This is the 14th year Vinnie Barbee has been spending Easter at the Water Street Mission, serving up a feast for those who might not have a holiday meal otherwise. 

Smoked ham was on the menu, along with pineapple glaze, beans, potato salad, and lots of desserts. 

In all, around 70 meals were served, and they all were paid for with donations. 

Barbee says it takes between $500 and $700 to prepare his feast, and he says well worth it because he's seen the homeless population rise in more recent years.  

"The people keep me coming back, and I see more new people now, we got more new people. It needs to be addressed. The homeless situation," said Barbee. "People want to come out for easter who don't have family, I'm their family."

Volunteers from Sound Breakerz B/C were also on hand to help with the serving. 

Those who would like to donate are invited to search Facebook for the "Vinnie's Barbee-Q Helping Hands" page to get connected.

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