Lawmakers to Vote on Proposed Satellite Tax

 Springfield - Flipping through the channels of your satellite programming could cost you more soon.

State lawmakers are mulling over legislation to place a 5% tax on satellite providers.

However, groups opposed to the legislation said on Monday that satellite TV has become a necessity for rural communities when it comes to being informed.

"They need this for weather especially in the spring time.  They need this for their news and their politics and their sports.  Taxing this essential service and not luxury really comes down to having people decide whether or not they can afford this," said David Williams, VP of Galaxy1.

With such trends as live streaming, and other ways of getting news and weather online, providers are worried that this will push more people away from satellite.

"A tax on satellite doesn't address that issue at all, it just pushes more people in that direction," said Good Vibes owner, Steve Suderman.

Some groups fear that that could lead to job losses.

Mark Denzler, VP of the Illinois Manufacturers' Association said that,"this certainly has a negative impact on consumers, and businesses that use it, but it has an impact on the manufacturers who produce the component parts.  There's going to be attrition.  We're going to lose customers.  We hope that lawmakers reject this tax."

Lawmakers return to the capitol next week.

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