Decatur Mayoral Candidates Make Their Last Push for Votes

Decatur- Four men are running for mayor of Decatur. Mayor Mike McElroy will keep his seat or Bishop G.E. Livingston, Pat McDaniel or Dustin Chapman will take over. All of the mayoral candidates have until seven o'clock on Tuesday evening until polls close for the April general election and then they will know who will be the next mayor of Decatur.

However, before polls close, the candidates want voters to know where they stand in terms of change for the Decatur community.

Councilman Pat McDaniel said, "my hobby is the community. I don't do Facebook, I do Facetime in the community."

Decatur's Mayor Mike McElroy said, "I have a tenacity for this. I enjoy every minute of it. I work very very hard."

"It's time to shift from good to great. It's no longer good enough to be good enough," said Bishop G.E. Livingston of Life Changers Church.

Sales manager of HPL Construction, Dustin Chapman said, "I definitely understood that I was less in the public eye than the others. By no means I don't think that should hurt me."

By being the youngest, Dustin Chapman said he believes his sales experience will help him run against a mayor of 6 years, a councilmen who has kept his position for four years and a Bishop who has been involved in the community for more than 20 years.

"Doing sales I meet people all the time. By doing sales you are a problem solver and anytime you're the one at their door and you're the one trying to help them accomplish what they want," added Chapman.

While the incumbent and his challengers have the people of Decatur as their main focus.

"New businesses are looking into Decatur to invest, to hire and we've got people who need to work and the investment and the change in Decatur is something I look forward to," added Mayor McElroy.

"Yes we have challenges. This is a resilient city like it always has been. We've had ups and downs through the years, but we are strong people and we are a strong community and we can do it," added McDaniel.

Making the city more attractive, is a top priority for Bishop Livingston he told WAND.

"When we talk about finishing the job, we need to be careful about what job are we finishing. Because if 1-in-4 is living at or below the poverty level, maybe that's the job we need to start focusing on. . . If people are leaving the city every single day, then maybe that's the job we need to be focusing on," added Bishop Livingston.

As they stand firm on their promises, time will tell if the next mayor of Decatur will live up to what he guaranteed to change.

Polls open at six o'clock in the morning and close at seven o'clock in the evening on Tuesday.
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