Champaign Elects Deb Frank Feinen as New Mayor

CHAMPAIGN--Champaign residents elected their second-ever female mayor Tuesday night, after record-setting voter turnout for a mayoral election.

More than 12,000 ballots were cast in the race for Champaign Mayor, and Deb Frank Feinen won the mayoral race with 40.98 percent of the vote.

"I'm just really appreciative of all the support, I had tremendous amazing volunteers and friends, and financial support," said Feinen. "But we also have amazing voters that really got out there."

Feinen says her first order of business as mayor would be the address the city's crime rate, specifically, violent crime.

"We've got to work on the violence issue in the city of Champaign, I wish that weren't the priority, but it absolutely has to be."

As for the legacy she hopes to leave behind as a leader, she wants to develop the Champaign's Internet infrastructure and bringing gigabit broadband speed to the city.

"We need it to drive economic development and education," said Feinen. "And I'm ready to put it to work in this community."

Feinen will assume the role of mayor in May.
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