Hold Off on Tornado Pictures

Decatur – Lightning.  Tornadoes.  Grab that camera and run outside.

With digital cameras and phones able to take great pictures a lot of people do the wrong thing in bad weather.  They run outside instead of heading to their basement.

“With social media it's very big now.  They want to take pictures of all the damage that's happening,” said WAND-TV's Kevin Chierek as he manned the stations storm center Thursday.  “The best thing to do is just stay indoors, stay away from windows and that way once the storm passes then that's when it's safe to actually go outside and take those pictures.”

Chierek also warns the weather can change rapidly this time of year.

“That's the matter of life or death.  You might have sunshine in the afternoon and within the next hour you could have a tornado touching the ground.”

Although a couple of days will see sunshine rain continues to appear in the forecast over the next ten days.

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