A local Central Illinois couple is getting a Whopper of a Wedding

NEW BERLIN - The Burger-King engagement that went viral.

Joel Burger and Ashley King are busy like any other engaged couple, finishing up last minute plans and decisions for their summer wedding.  However, after their wedding announcement ran in the local newspaper and was picked up in the State Journal Register, the union of their last names has been the talk of media sources nationally and internationally.

Burger King corporate tracked down Ashley via Twitter and set up a Skype date at which time they offered to pay for the couples wedding.

King shared with us her disbelief in the whirlwind of media attention.

She said, "I mean honestly it still hasn't even hit me yet. I still feel like this is a joke or a dream or we're gonna wake up on Monday and it's gonna be like this never happened."

Despite receiving the generous gift the couple has not added any extravagant amenities to their wedding plans . But Joel does plan on helping Burger King out with an initiative of his own. He is attempting to eat one food item a day from Burger King.  

Burger said, "My go-to is the Whopper."

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