Macon County authorities investigating new phone scam

DECATUR - Over the weekend, the Macon County Sheriff's Office and the Decatur Police Department fielded several concerns from residents about a possible phone scam.

According to authorities, the reports involved residents being called by a person identifying himself as a Macon County Sheriff's Deputy named James Marshall.  The caller then tells the potential victim that they have missed a court appearance or jury duty, and that there is a warrant out for the victim's arrest.  In order to avoid being arrested, the caller tells the victim that if credit card information is given, a payment can be made to avoid being arrested.

However, Macon County Sheriff's Deputy Hermann warns that cases like these, under no circumstances, resemble the office's protocols.  Hermann said, "The Sheriff's Department, at no time ever, calls anybody to let them know that they have a warrant, and we do not take care of warrants or fines or anything like that over the phone."

Authorities say that the reports are currently being investigated, and that the location where the scammer is calling from is in Carthage, Illinois.
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