Rauner Pledges More Money For Schools & Roads

State Capitol – Governor Rauner is taking his “Illinois Turnaround” agenda directly to the people.

For weeks he has visited with civic and business leaders.  Newspaper editorial boards and individual reporters who cover the state capitol.

“We have big, big trouble,” Rauner told WAND's Doug Wolfe at his office in the Capitol.  “We have a six and a half billion dollar deficit this coming year on a $32 billion dollar current revenue plan.”

In recent weeks the governor has slashed spending impacting social programs and the poor.

“I feel terrible.  I don't want to have to cut things.  Cuts hurt somebody,” Rauner stated.  “The reality is we've got to live within our means.”

Governor Rauner says despite the fiscal crisis he would like to increase educational spending by almost $300 million.  He also wants to make a “very big” investment in infrastructure including roads & bridges.

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