UPDATE: Recovering After a Heart Transplant

Decatur- A little girl is back home in Central Illinois with a new heart. WAND first told you about Mildred Eynon in January when she was in the St. Louis Children's Hospital recovering after receiving a heart transplant.

WAND's Brigette Burnett met Millie now that she is home with a new lease on life.

Millie's mom Diana Eynon said, "it's a miracle."

At one time Millie's heart was failing and wasn't supplying her body with enough blood. Because of the loss of one child, Millie's life was spared.

"The heart she received is the perfect match," Diana Eynon said.

After months of being hooked to IV's, coming home was a true blessing, but it has its challenges.

"We have to be nurses and pharmacists to make sure we have the right bottle and right amount," Diana said.

When Millie first returned home to Decatur, she was taking 17 medications. Now her parents are giving her 14 medications daily.

"It's such a long list and sometimes we look at the wrong time and we have to double check," Diana added.

However, through it all, Millie is excelling in school.

"She did some studying in the hospital and when I came back she could read everything I put in front of her," Sarah Ransdell, Millie's teacher said.

Since January 21, 2015 when WAND first brought her inspiring story, people have opened up their hearts to help Millie's heart. Raising thousands of dollars on www.cotaformilliee.com for a family shouldering a huge financial burden. So far, volunteers have raised more than $10,000 towards a goal of $30,000. All of the money will fund medication bills Millie's parents have racked up. 

As for the bright blue eyed girl, her health is constantly improving and her teacher said she will be heading to 2nd grade this Fall. 
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