Local educators attend professional development seminar

DECATUR- Illinois' Regional Office of Education hosted a professional development seminar Tuesday for educators in Macon and Piatt Counties. Teachers from Decatur's district to Heyworth, Illinois were present to learn more of the evolving 21st century learner.

Guest speaker, Rick Wormeli, is an international educator and author. He shared his styles for teachers to utilize for better learning.

He says the secret to his success is the standard based learning theory, which puts the emphasis on the students overall understanding versus a one time score on standardized tests.

Jonathan Downing, Parson's Elementary Principal in Decatur said, "Not every student learns the same way and as educators we know that but what can we do to teach our teachers, teach our parents, teach the community that it's not all about the standardized grading of an A, B, or C."

Wormeli suggests that giving second chances to students on assignments will potentially result in the ability for students to succeed.

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