Recent Decatur Crimes Since Easter

 Decatur- Decatur Lt. Shannon Seal said, she thinks that it is true, that when it starts warming up, people start acting up. Once they act out, their new home becomes the Macon County Jail. 

Recently two suspects have found themselves in the slammer while Lt. Seal said, she expects others to be arrested soon.

This comes about after recent crimes rocked the city in the past ten days. The first one was on Easter Sunday morning.

"A subject was shot twice. Once in the throat and once in the chest," said Lt. Seal.

She told WAND that someone pulled the trigger hitting Brandon Bischoff, 22, outside of the Manchester Heights Apartments.

"He is still recovering and we are working on that investigation as well," added Lt. Seal.

The police department is also investigating the homicide of a teen who was found with bullet holes in her head and chest. Paige Mars, 19, was located near a bike path in Lincoln Park.

"She was murdered on the scene, but it wasn't a stranger at large that we suspect did it," said Lt. Seal.

Decatur police said, they believe Mars knew her attackers.

"There are two suspects arrested not on murder charges. They are arrested on a separate case that's kind of a parallel case, but not a murder case," Lt. Seal added.

As they work diligently on the shooting and the first homicide of 2015, Lt. Seal had to turn her attention to the latest incident, a suspicious stabbing death.

"In 18 years this is an original for me. I have not heard of this before," Lt. Seal said.

The suspicious death of Bryan Johnson, 25, is now being called an accident.

"The crime scene and the witnesses present- it kind of indicates that there was a verbal argument that the deceased actually um was impaled and impaled himself during the argument," added Lt. Seal.

She said, Johnson punctured himself in the heart, but his father, David Johnson, said he's not buying it. In an email to WAND News, David Johnson wrote, "the only picture that is painted here is my son was murdered and now my only son is gone."

"The people that were present, they were all this individual's close friends and local family for lack of better terms," added Lt. Seal.

Because of that and the evidence from the scene, Lt. Seal said, the detectives, the state's attorney and crime scene specialists are all in agreement that it was a mistake.

"Just a freaky accident," Lt. Seal said.

Only two people have been arrested, in one case. If you have any information, please call Crimestoppers at 423-(TIPS).
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