Equal Pay Day draws attention to income gap

DECATUR- Imagine earning nearly half of what your co-worker does; he works in the same position as you. The only difference is he is a  different gender.

According to a number of studies, men are still earning on an average between $0.50 to $0.90 more than women while working in the same positions.

I think it's really unfair, my plan's actually to open up my own business, my own bakery, that way I can decide how much to pay and treat everyone fairly. And its going to be based on their skills not if they are male or female," student and coffee shop worker Hannah Cunningham said.

WAND also learned of the historical feat for equal pay in the workplace.

"That gap has been there historically because it took so long for women to catch up to equality and that's only been in the last forty to fifty years," Political Science Professor Larry Klugman said. 

#EqualPayDay 2015, which is being observed this week, symbolizes how far into 2015 all women on average have to work to earn what men earned in 2014. 

 Equal Pay Day was first celebrated by Business & Professional Women (BPW) in 2008 in Germany. Since then, this day has been widely spread around the world and observed every year.

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