Abraham Lincoln Honored in Downtown Springfield on Wednesday

 Springfield - He's an icon in Springfield, and his face is everywhere you look.

Just as frequently, his name can be found all around the capital city.

Abraham Lincoln left his legacy here in Central Illinois.

"Illinois is, and will forever be, the Land of Lincoln," said Governor Bruce Rauner at a ceremony honoring the late president Wednesday.

Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum executive director Eileen Mackevich added,"we revere the man who set us on a course toward accepting diversity, and seeking equality of opportunity for all."

While Lincoln may have changed the course of history in his time as president, Mackevich noted that he's still making an impact on our world today.

"We wan to learn from him and to absorb his spirit, his leadership, his courage, his humor, his honor, and his ethics," said Mackevich.

One visitor told WAND News that,"he allowed America to live to its calling from Jefferson of having a land where men were free.  Springfield and Illinois are always going to be, as governor Rauner said, known as the Land of Lincoln because no matter what other famous residents or citizens that we have, Lincoln will always be the most renowned."

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