Illinois Marathon street closures, parking restrictions announced

 URBANA - The Urbana Public Works Department has announced several road closures and temporary parking restrictions that will be in effect during the Illinois Marathon on April 25.

Officials say all street closings will begin at 6:00 a.m., with the entire route being closed by 6:30 a.m.  Temporary parking restrictions will start at 5:00 a.m.  We've included lists of street closings and parking restrictions, as well as the approximate times that the closings will be lifted, below:

Street Closures:

·    Green Street from Lincoln to Race - 8:40 AM
·    Race Street from Green to Main - 8:45 AM
·    Main Street from Race to Cottage Grove - 8:50 AM (One west bound lane will remain open during race)
·    Cottage Grove/Philo Road from Main to Washington - 9:00 AM
·    Washington Street from Philo to Kinch - 9:10 AM (West bound lanes will remain open from Kinch to Lierman during race)
·    Kinch Street from Washington to Florida - 9:15 AM
·    Florida Avenue from Kinch to Smith/Stone Creek - 9:20 AM
·    Stone Creek Boulevard from Smith to Amber - 9:40 AM
·    Amber Lane from Stone Creek to Philo - 9:45 AM (East bound lane will remain open from Myra Ridge to Stone Creek during race)
·    McHenry Street from Philo to Vine - 9:50 AM
·    Vine Street from McHenry to Windsor - 10:00 AM
·    Windsor Road from Philo to Race - 10:25 AM
·    Race Street from Windsor to Pennsylvania - 10:40 AM
·    Pennsylvania Avenue from Race to Lincoln - 11:00 AM

Temporary Parking Restrictions:

·    Green Street from Busey Avenue to Cedar Street
·    Main Street from Race Street to Vine Street
·    Main Street from Maple Street to Cottage Grove Avenue
·    Kinch Street from Washington Street to Florida Avenue
·    Pennsylvania Avenue from Race Street to Lincoln Avenue
Temporary parking restrictions will be removed as the streets re-open after the Marathon. 

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