Decatur School Cuts Now Total $5.2 Million

Decatur – The news reports make it sound like a great deal.  In reality schools like those in Decatur are losing tens of thousands of dollars.

The Illinois State Board of Education announced that 600 school districts will get about three quarters of the money cut in a budget deal between the legislature and Governor Bruce Rauner.  But when you look at the numbers Decatur loses a lot. 

The district was told recently it would be cut an additional $1 million.  It will now only be cut by $250,000.  That's on top of losing $5 million in state aid earlier this year for a total loss of $5.25 million.

Where did the money cut as part of the budget deal?  In many cases it went to Chicago and wealthier districts.  Poor school districts like Decatur paid a heavy price.

“It injects just another layer of uncertainty into our public school system across the state,” said State Senator Andy Manar at his Capitol office on Thursday.

Governor Rauner hopes to increase school funding by $300 million in the budget year starting July 1st.  But schools like Decatur are already cutting and laying off teachers.

“We have to wait until we see it and honestly I think school districts, not just Decatur, but all school districts are losing confidence in that because of the decisions at the state level,” said Decatur Superintendent Lisa Taylor.

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