CWLP recognizing efforts of central Illinois girl

SPRINGFIELD - City Water, Light and Power officials are recognizing the efforts of an eight-year-old girl who attempted to help an injured animal that she found at a Springfield park.

CWLP officials say Lexi Gould sent a letter to the Illinois Department of Natural Resources and CWLP's Public Information Office to report that she, along with her father Jason Gould, had found an injured mallard duck at Lake Springfield's Tom Madonia Park East.  According to the letter, Lexi and her father saw that fishing line had wrapped around the duck's foot, causing injuries.  The letter also included illustrations of the injured animal.

After receiving the letter, CWLP officials reached out to several organizations, including Henson Robinson Zoo, the Illinois Department of Natural Resources, and the U.S. Department of Agriculture, to help aid in finding the injured duck.  The duck, identified as a female, was eventually found and captured by a USDA representative.  

Officials say the injured animal was taken to a veterinarian in order to remove the fishing line and to treat the injury.  Unfortunately, the injury was deemed too severe to heal or rehabilitate.  However, CWLP officials did thank Lexi and her father for their efforts, and for bringing the hazard that improperly discarded fishing lines can pose to wildlife.

As a result, CWLP is reminding residents of the locations of its fishing line recycling stations around Lake Springfield.  The locations of those stations are as follows:

- Spaulding Dam Boat Launch
- Tom Madonia Park Fishing Bridge
- Harbor Point Fishing Area near Center Park
- Lindsay Boat Launch
- Marine Point Fishing Area at Circle Drive
- Dividing Dam Fishing Area north of Center Park
- Chatham S-curve Glasser Bridge Park in fishing area 1
- Chatham S-curve Glasser Bridge Park in fishing area 2
- T-dock at Bridgeview Park
- Sunset Fishing area 
- Bridgeview Park at the point
- Intersection of West Lake Dr. and East Hazel Dell fishing area
- Wildlife Park fishing area 1
- West Cottonhill Park

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