Staged car crash aims to teach students a lesson


BEMENT - As prom night approaches for Bement High School seniors, law enforcement is finding a powerful way to drive home a message. 

Students watched in anguish, as mutilated bodies and empty beer cans created a site of pure chaos.  Local authorities arrived at the scene around 1:30pm.  Police and firemen hoped to salvage the wreck.  It looked so real that dozens of Bement High School Seniors watched in amazement as local authorities acted-out what could happen if you drink and drive.

"We want the teens to become aware of what could happen if they make the wrong choice," said assembly coordinator, Krystal Alexander.

The staff at Bement High School reached out to Kirby Medical Center and local law enforcement to plan the scene.

"We put this together probably within two months," said Alexander.

According to Bement High School's principal, Douglas Kepley, they called on, "The EMTs, the ambulance service, our firefighters here from Bement."

The goal is to encourage safe decisions on prom night, which is only a few weeks away.

"If we can change one person's choice on prom night or any other night, it is worth doing an event like this in order to help our kids make the correct choices," said Kepley.

To hit closer to home, some of the cast members were Bement students.

"I just hope by them seeing their classmates that we chose to be the victims, maybe it will make them think," said Alexander.

After the event, every senior signed a Prom Promise, giving their word, that they will not drink and drive on the night of the dance.

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