DMH Parent Purchasing Isotope Business

Decatur - The parent company over Decatur Memorial Hospital has made an acquisition.  Illinois Health & Science (IHS) has announced a definitive agreement to purchase IBA Molecular North America, Inc.

IHS is a healthcare system and a hospital operator.  The purchase of IBA will eventually see revenue flowing into Decatur that will benefit the city and Decatur Memorial.  IBA makes isotopes used in nuclear medicine.

“Most people know of somebody who's had a bone scan or something like that.  That's what these businesses do.  The purpose of this is we have as a stated goal to maintain our independence for another hundred years, like we have the last hundred,” IHS CEO Ken Smithmier told WAND's Doug Wolfe.  “But increasingly in the hospital business it's very hard to do that as a community hospital.  So we have looked for healthcare related businesses that we can invest some money in, make some income, bring it back to Decatur and then we will use it to support buildings and programs and staff and salaries that will further our hospital and the community.”

The acquisition of IBA will take 90 to 120 days to complete. 

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