Being Wise About Your Money

 Money Smart Week is designed to help consumers better manage their personal finances. It's an annual effort that has been well received in Central Illinois through the collaboration of various organizations. The classes started on April 18th and they aid all demographics and income levels.

Karalee Misner, the Business Development Manager at Land of Lincoln Credit Union said, the classes target three groups; students, adults  and senior citizens. Last year Misner said, people in the community came to them. Now this year bankers are going to people in the community. One stop they will be making is offering help to students at Eisenhower High School in Decatur.

"Whenever you're a student that's normally when you get your first job and that's your first interaction with money. That's a prime opportunity to manage that money that they are receiving," Misner said.

Then bankers will make a stop at local businesses. She said, the main questions adults are asking are how to get creditors off their back and how to save when money is tight?

Misner added, "delay that gratification until you got the money for it instead of using the credit card or using the loan and kind of get needs verses wants."

The topics are also geared toward senior citizens. Misner said, bankers teach seniors how to look for clues and not click on links in their emails that they don't recognize. Seniors are also instructed to not give out credit card information over the phone.

Money Smart Week ends April 25th. For a full list of classes, head to
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