County Clerks prepare for election to replace Schock

CENTRAL ILLINOIS - County Clerks in Illinois' 18th Congressional District are preparing for special primary and general election to replace former U.S. Representative Aaron Schock.

Officials say this could place added pressure on County Clerks' offices within the district, as they must prepare for a special primary in July and perform daily tasks while abiding by the new laws put in place by Senate Bill 172.  The new laws say that polling locations must offer same day voter registration, as well as extended hours before the election and additional hours during weekends.

Sangamon County Clerk Don Gray said, "For us in Sangamon County that requires us to provide for a software build out of our system, acquire new hardware and train many election judges in less than six months which the original intent of the law was to provide for that in March of 2016."

Other county clerks offices who are not able to fund their offices with the updates required in such a short amount of time are fearful that people may register twice unknowingly, and result in issues of double voting.  Logan County Clerk Sally Turner said, " We wont know if that person double voted until the elections over and we scan all the election applications to vote in."

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